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Generative Art


The Tarleton State University Particle Modeling Group specializes in modeling Math, science, and engineering problems using N-body techniques accelerated on NVIDIA GPUs. Through the years, the group has been amazed at how beautiful many of the simulations they created can be. In fact, some of the most interesting and visually appealing runs have come from simulations gone awry. The group has always wanted to share how unique and intriguing N-body simulation can be. Hence, this year we have created a simulation not to advance the STEM fields, but solely to advance the humanities and make known the true beauty behind mathematical simulations.


Avery Campbell

Gavin McIntosh


This is an initial concept of a generative art code. The goal of this project is to create completely unique NFTs using randomized starting values and colors in a physics-based orbiting bodies simulation. This is the first of a series of CUDA C/C++ based simulations that are our venture into the humanities.

In this simulation, we have set the mass to randomly generate between 1 and -1, resulting in the overall gravity being randomized. This is also built off the same N-Body Art code as previous simulations.

In addition to the mixed gravity simulation from before, these nodes are given a randomized position on the z-axis, making it 3d.

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